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Import data from other popular expenses manager apps, better .CSV import

Import CSV without transfer records is unusable. Please add this feature. To be able to import at least file which was exported from Wallet 3.

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      • Richard Macků commented  · 

        Thanks for reply. I have asked 2times for resending... Now I have got three e-mails in my mailbox.. but all of them after more than 12 hours after I asked for it... Just to let you know... ;-)

      • Hi Richard!

        1) Check your spam folder. This has been issue when we rolled it out, because it was sent from the same address that you use for imports. Now it has official "our" email address, but please do check your spam/junk folder.

        2) Ask for resending the email. Go to import and try to "reactivate" your import account. (Or through settings triple-dot at account dashboard.

        Nick / BudgetBakers

      • Richard Macků commented  · 

        Hi! I would like to import data (csv) form "Moje finance", but I still have not receive the e-mail how to do it. It is more than 12 hours I asked for it in app. What is wrong?

      • Danilo Prado commented  · 

        Just to complement my previous comment. I just wish that the bucket edit for transactions could support adding labels, so after imported I could add important labels to imported transactions.

        Even though, this wasn't mentioned anywhere. tried to include a "Labels" column to my XLS (later exported to CSV), but it didn't work. But it could be a work around.

      • Danilo Prado commented  · 

        I just used this new feature and worked like a charm. This is what I did:
        1. I exported an XLS file from "Money Lover" (my last expense manager, which I used for over 2 years. I had almost 2.000 transactions added to this app.

        2. After exported, I took the time to convert some categories that I had in MoneyLover that didn't match with Wallet categories, for example "Tesco" I converted to "Groceries". Using categories that I know are available in Wallet. I simply used a Find/Replace on Excel.

        3. I exported the file as CSV with comma.

        4. Imported to Wallet using all the instructions provided.

        5. After sent the email to my unique import email, instantly the App showed that I had a new import to do. So I did, it found correcty the Dates, Notes, Amount and Payee fields

        6. All done. I had almost 2000 transactions from my previous app imported to Wallet.

        So, it worked flawlessly for me.


      • Hello, we are rolling out the import feature right now, please update your app and you should be able to import at least through your android app.

        Web importing is on a to do list, but first we need to bring it up to date with basic functionalities.

        As for transfers - this would be a little bit tricky now to implement inside mobile app, but we are looking forward to implement it in the next update of import functionality.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        No import, no use. European banks don't support integration so you are missing customers...

      • Jose Javier Salvador commented  · 

        Unfortunately, I cannot switch to Wallet because I cannot import 2-3 years worth of data from my current expense manager. Please include this feature.

      • Ralph Burger commented  · 

        I am really looking forward to using Wallet, but the missing import functionality is actually holding me back. I don't want to spend hours manually inputting all my bank account history and then finding out the csv import is just released. When can we expect this?

      • Aldo Mendoza commented  · 

        I need to import data so I can use all the functionalities that this app has to offer, however, with out this feature I'm not able to use it and the monwy I paid for it is going to the trash. When is this going to be available?

      • Ian Spencer commented  · 

        My bank keeps 2 years data and app only imports 2 weeks. Fix this and allow me to import data in CSV or common banking formats, I have years of transactions backed up and can export. Seems like a very big oversight.

      • tonda.kmoch commented  · 

        Without chance to manually import the transactions the application is useless for me. I cannot imagine manually synchronizing accounts from bank what are not supported by SaltEdge.com.
        Please add this feature.

      • Jeroen Spee commented  · 

        Would like to know when as well.

      • Version 3 user commented  · 

        Hello, I have received information that this feature will be back in a couple of months. I just hope it will not come back as a screwed version not usable with the version 3 APK. Also, I found a new budgeting app where import and export is free and you get pretty much everything Wallet has...for free. It's called Buxfer. Until budgetbackers people decide to respect their payed members and offer version 3 functionality by default, I will be moving my stuff.

      • Jade commented  · 

        One of the major thing stopping me from using this app is that I cannot import from excel or csv files. No offene to budget bakers, but their product isn't worth enough to redo all the transactions that I want on their app. I'll come back in 6 months to see if they added it later on. Cheers.

      • Mandarin Juice commented  · 

        I don't understand what is going on with this app... they are going from good to bad and from bad to worse :(

      • Daniel commented  · 

        I just open a ticket regarding this. The information is that the feature is temporary removed and will be back in future but...Is there any timeframe for the feature to be back in place and fully working?. Advise: This should not happen for Premium accounts (not even for Free Accounts), not having the API working for some of us, the CSV import feature a very useful way to easily load the info from the webapp...having this removed without any notification is a bad, bad move.

      • Hans commented  · 

        The lack of an import feature is keeping many potential users from switching over to Wallet because they will lose all their historic data!
        It does not make sense to offer an export with no way of importing the file back into the application...

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