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New Feauture "PROJECT"

My plan to build a house for 30 lakhs within a year is added as "project home".

I have two bank accounts in total,

1. Bank 1
2. Bank 2

I'll be spending from both these accounts to build the house.

For this, create a category "home" and sub-categories " furniture, appliances etc".

Amount spent through "home" category from each account will be deducted from the total 30 lakhs for building the house.

For eg.
From Bank 1 account, if 10 lakh is recorded to furniture sub-category under home parent category, in the Project - project home, "Furntinure 10 lakhs from bank 1" is recorded and 10 lakh is substracted from the total 30 lakhs and remaining 20 lakhs is shown.

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  • Ilija Tešić commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I imagine 'Project' as Budget with specific start and end time, or duration (non recurring). This would be very useful feature since Tag is too generic thing.

  • AdminAdmin (Reply from BudgetBakers team, WalletApp.net) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Tags is something we are currently researching and reinventing. People use them for grouping - and it works well in that sense. But I really love the idea of "projects" - much more than using tags (or labels) for this. Seems clearer and more understandable to me. Thanks - I'm writing this down for next meeting. Nick / BB

  • jirafin4os commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    don't tags cover that??
    I know it is not a complete solution but tags are working well enough to me in grouping those records, but I agree it is limited
    perhaps development around the tags use and tags reporting would complete the "project" point of view


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