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Possibility to create own categories (parent/ sub-categories)

I would again pay for this app if I could create my own categories and sub-categories. It used to had this option, but a few month ago it was changed to fixed categories, and when I summarize my month it's quite exhausting to categorize my expenses in my own categories. Please consider putting this option back. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to delete the fixed categories, rather just put an option into categories menu to be able to create your own categories, without any limitations.

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    Tamás Tövis shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Mel commented  · 


        I find it really odd that essential medical expenses are included in the same category as a trip to the movies. It makes the data for that category kind of irrelevant, it covers far too many things.

        Personally I would have health care as it's own main category. I would like to be able to set up the categories in a way that makes sense to me.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Also in statistic . can select the Category you like for statistic...but not possible select the Subcategory i like and create a statistic for this subcat, Can make this feature ?

      • Zsolt Gilicze commented  · 

        Hi! I bought the product and it does not work. In England, it does not synchronize with HSBC bank accounts. What should I do? Best wishes, Zsolt Gilicze

      • Stanislav Pecha commented  · 

        Same task "Make categories completely customizable. Categories and subcategories."

      • Viktória Nemkin commented  · 

        I was wondering if I could suggest a way to keep the custom categories without having to throw out the machine learning algorithm?

        I was thinking about some type of hashtag system where you offer hashtags (which are currently the fixed subcategories) that we can use to tag our own custom categories? This way the machine learning algorithm will know exactly where to put the specific spending (where the tag is) but would allow us to be more flexible with out categories. We could tag one category with multiple things, assign a tag to a main category or a sub- or even subsubcategory, giving us a chance to gather spending together as it makes sense to us and create our own main categories allowing us to fully customize our tracking system again.

        For example you could offer the following hashtags:

        Then I could create my categories and tag them like this:

        - University #education
        - Doctor's appointments #healthcare
        - Gym #fitness
        - Partying #alcohol #tobacco #desserts

        And the machine learning algorithm will track the spending to where the tags are.

        Then, in the future if you develop new categories with the machine learning, you could always split the currently available tags without having to change the category system for everyone (once again). This would create an interface between the users and the developer team, where changing up things will become much more flexible and would keep everyone happy! :)

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I want this feature desperately

      • Sbrunei- commented  · 

        In our family, I keep 2 education accounts for each children, just so I know how much each child's education has cost the family's fortune. I also keep different accounts for entertainment. Just so we are able to know what kind of entertainment we spend so much on.

      • Emilio Monterrubio commented  · 

        At least give us more icons, and for God's sake, life and entertainment is a category too broad. Split it in 3 categories: health, education and entertainment.

      • Sbrunei- commented  · 

        I do not understand what could be the reason you did not allow us to create our own categories and subcategories ??

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Adding categories, cycling payment and deleting some categories is basically ,,must have" features.

      • Andrew Boyes commented  · 

        This would be my No. 1 improvement too

      • Alexander Shvets commented  · 

        I am so much waiting for this to be implemented. This would make Wallet the best app of its kind for me.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I second this idea. It is too much work to have fixed categories, excessive scrolling. It would be best if we could choose our own

      • Oliver Manowski commented  · 

        Yes please!

        As a cyclist I neither spend money on a car, nor on public transport - but I do spend a lot of money on my bicycle. And I’d love to have a category for that (or at least be able to edit categories as i see fit)

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