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base currency limitations

I know this is old topic but I would like to insist that you need to consider forcing a different currency on the views different than the original currency when the app was initiated.

I understand that you are technically unable (?) to change the base currency, but please at least allow forcing the views (as stats and widgets) to a specific currency.

I often move and the app still wants me to see everything in BRL because I started using the app when in Brazil, but now that currency is irrelevant to me... though I'm still forced by your app to see it all in BRL.

bottom line: allow changing base currency OR at least allow workarounds to VIEW the data in the currency that we consider relevant.


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  • Radostina Johnson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am about to quite Wallet because of this issue. It shows me different currency on my Cash Flows, so when I take longer period I even can not trust the data. I am even not sure if it is converted on the day I do my matrix or what. Common guys, this shouldn't be hard to fix. You did so many changes that just limited the app and you can't fix something so basic.

  • bact commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Absolutely supported!
    if not the base currency, at least that workaround would be very helpful and easy to implement meanwhile!


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